Acclimatise Group Ltd. was formed in November 2004 by John Firth and Dr Richenda Connell having recognised an opportunity to develop a climate risk management business meeting the emerging needs of the public and private sectors with a global client base.  Originally called Climate Risk Management Ltd., it wasn’t long before John and Richenda came up with a catchier name for the company, and called it “Acclimatise”.

Since our beginnings, we have grown and diversified into two divisions, Advisory and Analytics. Advisory contains our core technical climate risk and adaptation expertise, as well as many other services, and provides us with a deep understanding of the changing risk landscape for our clients and our markets. Analytics allows us to package this expertise into cloud-based applications that dramatically increase the ability of our clients to integrate climate change risk analysis into their organisations.

Acclimatise is a trusted advisor for many organisations across a wide range of sectors including government, finance, insurance, water, energy, transport, mining, agriculture, defence, food and beverages, and international development. We have successfully worked in over 70 countries for over 180 public, private and non-governmental organisations.

We are currently 24 staff from various M.Sc and Ph.D backgrounds including climate and atmospheric science, environmental management, civil engineering, land-use management, water resources, climate finance, economics, conservation biology, GIS and computing, international law and development, journalism, and media and communications. Our team collaborates across 3 continents with new offices in India, France, Barbados and the US.

Adaptation Work:

Acclimatise is a specialist advisory and analytics company providing world-class expertise in climate change adaptation and risk management. We bridge the gap between the latest scientific developments and real-world decision-making, helping our clients to introduce cost-effective measures to prepare for the challenges that climate change will bring. From the very beginning, we have focussed solely on adaptation, which has allowed us to become leaders in the field. Our work is still shaping the adaptation agenda across the world.

Phone Number: +44 (0) 1623 884347