Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center (AK CASC)


Established in 2010 as a partnership between the University of Alaska and the United States Geological Survey, the Alaska CASC is Congressionally mandated to meet state and federal needs around climate impacts, adaptation, and resilience.

AK CASC is a partnership between the University of Alaska and the USGS and is hosted at the UAF International Arctic Research Center in Anchorage, the Alaska. It provides scientific information, tools, and techniques that managers and others interested in land, water, wildlife, and cultural resources can use to adapt to climate change.

Our research directions are determined by representatives of federal, state, tribal, and regional organizations. We aim to meet high-level climate science priorities while ensuring this science also is pertinent to and addresses management needs.

  • We create and use high-resolution climate models and derivative products to help forecast ecological and population responses at national, regional, and local scales
  • We integrate physical climate models with ecological, habitat, and population response models
  • We develop methods to assess vulnerability of species, habitats, and human communities
  • We develop standardized approaches to modeling, monitoring, data management and decision support

We are one of 9 regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers that provide tools and information to develop and execute management strategies that address the impacts of climate change on natural and cultural resources.