All One Sky Foundation


ALL ONE SKY FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit, charitable organization established by the former Climate Change Central in 2010 to help vulnerable populations at the crossroads of energy and climate change. We do this through education, research and community-led programs, focusing our efforts on adaptation to climate change and energy poverty. Our vision is a society in which ALL people can afford the energy they require to live in warm, comfortable homes, in communities that are able to respond and adapt to a changing climate.

All One Sky Foundation associates offer a unique combination of experience and international expertisein climate science, energy efficiency program design, climate resilience and adaptation planning, risk management, climate change economics, and bridging the gap between the latest climate science and real world decision-making. Our team and board have high-level expertise in the formation, administration and delivery of a provincial climate change agency specializing in energy efficiency programs.

Adaptation work

Economic Tools for Climate Change Adaptation – Private Real Estate Decisions

Summary: This paper examines the barriers to efficient adaptation decisions in BC’s private real estate sector and explores potential economic instruments to overcome them.Client: Climate Change Secretariat, BC Ministry of Environment