American Flood Coalition


The American Flood Coalition is a nonpartisan group of political, military, business, and local leaders that have come together to drive adaptation to the reality of higher seas, stronger storms, and more frequent flooding. The coalition seeks to advance solutions that support flood-affected communities and protect our nation’s residents, economy, and military installations.

Our mission: Driving transformational adaptation to protect communities across the country from higher seas, stronger storms, and more frequent flooding.

Adaptation Work:

By investing in adaptation planning and projects that reduce risk, we can protect home values, highways, ports, and other essential infrastructure, creating jobs and economic opportunities for our cities and towns.

Our 4 solutions pillars:

  • Economy: Invest in infrastructure and natural solutions that boost the economy and protect property values
  • Communities: Use smart planning to keep communities safe and save taxpayer dollars
  • Rebuilding: Build back stronger to protect communities from future flooding
  • Military: Ensure our military installations are ready to deploy 365 days a year
Phone Number: +1 (833) 827-5224