Ascent Environmental


Ascent Environmental is a dynamic environmental, natural resources, urban design, and planning consultancy headquartered in Sacramento, California. With offices in Lake Tahoe, Oakland, Irvine, and San Diego, we work throughout California and the Western United States. Our clients most often seek our assistance with their high-priority projects, particularly when faced with unusual compliance situations, complicated project issues, or first-of-its-kind undertakings where no precedent exists. We are always aspiring to exceed client expectations, enhance our expertise, and offer more value.

Experience is the foundation of Ascent’s environmental, natural resources, and climate change services. Our environmental consulting experience varies widely and includes public and private projects; environmental documents in urban, rural, and natural settings; scientific investigations; natural resources management programs; and multidisciplinary community, climate action, and outdoor recreation plans. Ascent guides clients through their important projects, especially when faced with “first-of-its-kind” situations, intricate environmental regulations, novel technical issues, or substantial public or agency scrutiny.