California Housing Partnership


California’s Experts in Sustainable Affordable Housing Finance and Policy

Created by the Legislature in 1988 as a private nonprofit organization with a public mission, the California Housing Partnership plays a unique role in California’s struggle to provide housing that is sustainable and affordable to working families, homeless, veterans, seniors and the disabled. The Partnership is a “do-and-think-tank” that uses the experience gained from helping hundreds of nonprofit and local government partners leverage $20 billion to create 75,000 affordable homes over the past 30 years. We are the trusted advisor to these mission-driven organizations, helping them envision and execute multilayered plans for creating and preserving sustainable affordable rental housing. We are also the trusted advisor to many of the elected officials who pass laws to provide the necessary resources and the state and local government housing organizations that allocate these resources.

Combining Technical Expertise with Advocacy Leadership

The California Housing Partnership is unique in combining on-the-ground technical assistance with advocacy leadership at the state and national level to increase the supply of affordable homes in California. What we learn from providing technical assistance and training to our partners directly informs our advocacy work to improve and expand existing funding programs and create new ones.