California Nevada Applications Program


Over the past decade CA became the leading state advocating for proactive responses to climate change with a suite of adaptation and mitigation activities. The California Nevada Application Program (CNAP) Regional Integrated Sciencies and Assessments (RISA) has three major themes: 1) Information and Tools for Adaptation, 2) Decision Support for Environmental Resource Management, and3) Support for regional and state climate assessments.   Within these themes we undertake research projects that are aimed at informing water resources, wildfire and land resource management, and coastal decisionmakers.

To improve the knowledge of stakeholders and climate in the region, CNAP is in the midst of five key  thrusts:  1)  Stakeholder engagement across a broad spectrum; 2)  Education, involving a broad portfolio of activities, formal and informal; 3)  Contributing to a national climate service, by way of applying what we learn in CA/NV;  4) Adaptation, through understanding adaptation needs, and helping develop and evaluate usable applications for decision makers; 5)  understanding howobservations and monitoringcan affect attitudes about climate change in different communities.