California Sea Grant


California Sea Grant (CASG) is one of 33 state programs funded by the National Sea Grant College Program, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Matching funds come from the states and private sources. California Sea Grant is administered by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego.

Our mission

We serve the communities, industries and people of California and the nation through research, education and outreach by applying scientific knowledge to real-world issues affecting our valuable coastal communities and resources.

Our core values

Environmental stewardship Long-term social and economic sustainability Responsible use of California's natural resources

What we do

  • Identify emerging marine resource challenges and opportunities
  • Conduct applied research to address challenges
  • Collaborate with other academics, businesses, nonprofit organizations, resource managers, citizen scientists and students, among others
  • Translate and share discovery with everyone at the table

Focal areas

  • Climate change and coastal ecosystems
  • Coastal and aquatic invasive species
  • Endangered salmon recovery
  • Fisheries & aquaculture
  • Ecosystem-based management
  • Marine habitat protection
  • Socioeconomic factors affecting the well-being of coastal communities
  • Water quality and watershed health
Adaptation Work:

Research – Through the peer-reviewed research it sponsors, CASG contributes to the growing body of knowledge about coastal and marine resources and helps solve contemporary marine-related problems. In addition to core research funded through NOAA Sea Grant, CASG has partnerships with the California Ocean Protection Council, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Marine Protected Areas Program, and the Delta Stewardship Council to administer peer-reviewed research grants and fellowships of mutual interest to the partner organizations.

Extension – Through its Sea Grant Extension Program, CASG provides solutions to high-priority coastal and marine issues by applying research-based information through diverse methods ranging from mission-oriented research to one-on-one contact. Seven Marine Advisors are located at marine institutions along the California coast and at UC Davis and provide a direct link for two-way communication between the university, industry and the public.

Communications – Through its Communications Office, CASG provides science-based information developed in its research and extension efforts to industry, government and the public.

Education – CASG supports graduate education by funding trainees to work with its funded scientists and engineers on a wide range of topics at public and private institutions throughout the state. The program also supports a wide range of fellowships.

Example Project

Rising to the Challenge: Results of the 2011 California Coastal Adaptation Needs Assessment: The overarching goal of this survey was to understand the needs of professionals working along California's open ocean, bay, delta and estuarine coastlines to prepare for the effects of accelerating climate change to their areas. Survey goals were to: assess coastal professionals' concerns with climate change impacts; document activities to plan and prepare for these impacts; compile needs and barriers in planning for climate change.

Phone Number: (858) 534-4440