Carolinas Integrated Sciences & Assessments


Carolinas Integrated Sciences & Assessments (CISA) is committed to improving the range, quality, relevance, and accessibility of climate information for decision making and resource management in North and South Carolina. CISA conducts research in collaboration with stakeholders in the Carolinas to identify and develop effective methods of providing climate science, data, and education.

Adaptation work

Supporting improved adaptation to current climate variability and projected climate changes is an element that cuts across many of CISA's activities. Because much of climate adaptation will be comprised of local actions, our efforts focus on informing local response to regional patterns and on major economic, environmental management, and social issues relevant throughout the Carolinas. Diverse interactions with stakeholders and decision makers aim to identify climate sensitive decisions. CISA team members organize and participate in efforts to:


Regional / Subnational
State / Provincial
Community / Local

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