Cascadia Consulting Group


Cascadia Consulting Group develops and implements innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Our company’s mission is to pioneer a sustainable future, making a positive difference for our clients, our community, and the environment. We work with governments, corporations, and nonprofit organizations across the United States and internationally to advance resource conservation, climate resilience, green infrastructure, and waste reduction solutions.

Since 1993, Cascadia has brought its expertise and creativity to all aspects of sustainability, from research and analysis to strategic planning, program implementation, outreach, and evaluation. Over its 20-year history, Cascadia has grown from its waste and recycling roots to encompass three lines of business:

  • Recycling and Materials Management
  • Climate, Energy, and Sustainability
  • Water and Natural Resources

Cascadia offers a full suite of capabilities, skills, and problem-solving to help you optimize resource use, eliminate waste, and save money. Governments, corporations, and nonprofits trust us to manage their sustainability priorities – from research and strategy to implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

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