Catalysis Adaptation Partners


Catalysis Adaptation Partners, LLC, is a consulting firm of senior experts with extensive experience in planning for sea level rise, coastal hazards and extreme weather events. Our partners are economists, scientists, planners and engineers. We provide an array of climate and coastal hazard adaptation-related services, including: vulnerability assessments,inundation mapping and visualization, economic impact evaluation, adaptation strategy development and implementation, planning process analysis,policy revision assistance,and consensus building support. We also specialize in tailoring the Coastal Adaptation to Sea level rise Tool (COAST), developed at the University of Southern Maine with funds from the US EPA, to assist clients with their adaptation planning process. Using this tool, we can perform cost-benefit analysis of structural and nonstructural adaptation actions that municipalities and businesses might undertake to reduce exposure to these threats. Our clients are state and local governments, utility districts and businesses.

The Catalysis team that developed and implemented all projects using the COAST software (samples now conduct this work through GEI Consultants, Inc. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Sam Merrill at [email protected] or 207-797-8902.