Center for Large Landscape Conservation (CLLC)


Working in partnership with local people and communities, large landscape conservation connects working lands, urban areas, and wild lands into whole, healthy landscapes that allow nature to flourish.

On the ground, large landscape conservation means enhancing the conservation value of all lands, helping conserve key connections between landscapes, implementing climate adaptation initiatives, and developing strategies to help nature remain resilient on a grand scale.

Since large landscape conservation involves great geographical scales and touches many lives, it requires a collaborative effort—not something one organization can fully shoulder alone. We see ourselves as the “hub” for large landscape conservation, connecting people, organizations and resources to foster powerful solutions that respect diverse stakeholders.

Adaptation Work:

We promote natural resiliency by answering to large landscape conservation’s biggest challenges: the need for deeper collaboration, supportive science and strong policy.

BUILD COMMUNITIES THAT ENGAGE INVESTED STAKEHOLDERS The diverse conservation challenges of large landscapes merit an equally diverse response—a collaboration between organizations, communities, companies, individuals and government. We see ourselves as the connective tissue of conservation, sparking dynamic conversations between stakeholders and catalyzing widespread, positive progress across large landscapes.


ADVANCE SCIENCE THAT INFORMS CONSERVATION DECISIONS We see science as a powerful diagnostic tool, one that can help us better discover and defend vital links between landscapes. Our work explores key landscape stressors, identifying places where maintaining connected landscapes is paramount—now and for the future. Equipped with a scientific perspective, we collaborate with partner organizations and practitioners to uphold these crucial connections.


ADVOCATE POLICY THAT CHAMPIONS ECOLOGICAL CONNECTIVITY We lay the groundwork for a future of large connected natural areas—intact landscapes that support wildlife while offering all the benefits of nature to those who live, work, and play nearby. We advocate for policies, plans and strategies that champion large landscape conservation via federal, state and local initiatives.


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