City of Yellowknife


With a population of about 20,000, Yellowknife is the largest urban centre in the Northwest Territories and home to almost half the population. Built on gold, nurtured by government and growing with diamonds, Yellowknife boasts one of the highest household incomes per capita in Canada, and one of the lowest unemployment rates.

The abundance of minerals, oil and gas in the NWT has had dramatic economic impacts on Yellowknife. Since the discovery of diamonds in 1991, we have two operating diamond mines in the NWT, with a third expected to be operational in 2007.Yellowknife is home to cutting and polishing facilities, and it is the business service centre for diamond mine operations and development. In addition, plans for a mega pipeline project in the Mackenzie Valley are also moving forward.

Yellowknife offers unrivaled opportunities for investment, business development and employment. If there is any place that can say “we hold the future”, it must certainly be Yellowknife – Diamond Capital of North AmericaTM.