Clean Annapolis River Project


Annapolis Valley was inhabited by European settlers in 1605. The town was constructed in the 17th century on reclaimed lands using dykes. The Clean Annapolis River Project is a community-based NGO that was established in 1990 to work with communities and organizations to promote conservation, restoration, and sustainable uses of the marine and freshwater ecosystems. As part of their mission, they initiated climate change studies within Annapolis Royal and have since catalyzed a detailed analysis of the town’s vulnerabilities to climate change.

Mission Statement: To restore and protect the ecological health of the Annapolis River watershed through science, leadership and community engagement. Vision for the Annapolis River: "An ecologically healthy Annapolis River watershed."

CARP was created in 1990 when two unrelated events converged:

  • The rejection of the Annapolis River system as a candidate for designation as a heritage river
  • Its selection by the scientific community as a demonstration site for an innovative environmental management initiative

These two events lead to an invitation for CARP to participate in the Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP), an Environment Canada Green Plan initiative. Since 1990 CARP has developed several projects that address pertinent environmental issues in the Annapolis River watershed. These projects range from environmental monitoring to public education to habitat restoration to home assessment. Although the focus of our mission is the improvement of the local environment, many of our projects have resulted in economic, societal and health related benefits and expand beyond the bounds of our watershed.

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