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Climate Consortium for Research Action and Integration


The Climate Consortium for Research Action and Integration (CC-RAI) aims to accelerate regional action on climate change by fostering high-quality regional climate research, building capacity through training, and acting as a catalyst for collaborative action.

Founded in 2008 by York University and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), we provide climate science and tools to address climate change and help our communities to become sustainable.

Our current focus is the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, and Great Lakes region, where we are generating regionally-relevant research and taking local action to address broader Canadian and global climate concerns.

Through CC-RAI, researchers along with government, NGOs, and business and industry can create and share high-quality, integrated, regional climate research and knowledge produced through interdisciplinary, multi-sector collaborations that support mitigation and adaptation strategies.

We believe that together, researchers, policy makers, decision markers and research users can share information and conduct projects to provide the region with solutions for emerging climate change issues.

Adaptation work: 

CC-RAI’s projects address climate impacts at the regional level and use mitigation and adaptation strategies as part of a practical, effective response to climate change.

By promoting real-world climate change solutions, CC-RAI advocates the use of sound science, including state-of-the-art regional climate modelling. Our integrated approach enables governments and industry to more quickly adapt and prepare society for climate change’s urgent implications.

With a base a York University CC-RAI aims to support collaboration among students, faculty and staff. CC-RAI aims to build on existing strengths by promoting interdisciplinary research and initiatives. Currently two pilot projects are underway, one focused on developing mechanisms to support interdisciplinarity, while another is focused on climate literacy.


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