Climate Interactive


The biggest challenges facing our lives on Earth are made up of complex, interconnected parts. People need better ways to understand the full picture.

That’s why we’re here.

Our team at Climate Interactive helps people see what works to address climate change and related issues like energy, water, food, and disaster risk reduction. For example:

Overall, our easy-to-use, tangible, scientifically-grounded tools help people see for themselves what options exist today to create the future they want to see.

When it comes to helping people understand the big picture and see what works to address our biggest challenges, we draw on a suite of approaches, many of them developed at MIT in the fields of system dynamics and organizational learning.

Adaptation Work:

How we work:

We create simulation models and interactive tools:

  • C-ROADS – an award-winning, fast, accessible climate policy tool used in more than 70 countries.
  • En-ROADS – illuminating energy scenarios and busting myths about effective strategy.
  • Climate Pathways – a mobile app that puts a climate model in your pocket for fast insights and analysis
  • Climate Scoreboard – an online widget that went viral during the Copenhagen climate negotiations and shows how close climate policies get us to our goals

We help organizations improve their strategy:

  • We map how the decisions stakeholders face interconnect with other issues.
  • We provide counsel on potential solutions.

We inspire audiences to think in systems to understand our current challenges:

  • We give keynote speeches
  • We lead interactive events like World Climate – where participants ranging from business leaders to graduate students to Chinese government officials work together to reach a policy agreement, learning what it takes to address climate change.
  • We teach system dynamics, systems thinking, and organizational learning – many of our staff have taught for over twenty years.

Climate Interactive is a fiscally sponsored project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, DC. If we can help you or your team on a project please contact us.