Collaborative Conservation and Adaptation Strategy Toolbox (CCAST)


Collaborative Conservation and Adaptation Strategy Toolbox (CCAST) is a multi-organizational partnership directed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation and staffed by a growing network of coordinators and Case Study authors (collectively the CCAST Team).

CCAST enhances collaborative conservation efforts at watershed and landscape scales by facilitating issue-based, not geography-based, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. By connecting hundreds of individuals from dozens of organizations across North America, CCAST helps bridge the gaps between work at project, landscape, and operational scales. CCAST answers “Who is doing what, and where? What is working and what isn’t? Where can we find resources to help us improve our work on a similar issue?” The CCAST Team and our partners achieve this by:

  • Managing a central location for knowledge exchange based on Case Studies
  • Co-developing tools that meet multiple objectives across a range of scales and organizations
  • Catalyzing multi-jurisdictional work to address conservation, management, and adaptation challenges at the scale needed to achieve ambitious goals
  • Providing meaningful mentorship and learning experiences for students and early career professionals in an innovative and supportive environment

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