Danish Ministry of the Environment


The Danish Ministry of the Environment is in charge of administrative and research tasks in the areas of environmental protection and planning. In Denmark, the administration at the state level is managed by the Ministry of the Environment. At the regional and local levels, much of the administrative responsibility has been delegated to municipalities.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change is responsible for coordination and implementation of international negotiations and reporting obligations on climate issues within the European Union and the United Nations Climate Convention. The Agency is also responsible for coordination of national measures to follow up the Danish climate commitments, e.g. the fulfilment of Danish reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol and Danish implementation of the flexible mechanisms.

Adaptation work

In collaboration with several other partners, the Ministry runs the Danish portal for Climate Change Adaptation.

The Danish portal for Climate Change Adaptation presents the existing knowledge on climate change and climate change adaptation within a number of areas.

The information is targeted at individuals, municipalities and businesses.

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