District of Elkford


Elkford is a picturesque Rocky Mountain town founded in 1971 as a home for miners working at newly-established Fording Coal operations. From its early days as a collection of temporary homes, a one-room school, and a single general store, Elkford has grown to its current population of nearly 3,000 residents.

The District provides numerous services for its residents, including roads, water, sewer, parks, playgrounds, trails, sports fields, arena, curling rink, aquatics centre, library, and community centre. The District's services are provided by 44 full or part-time employees.

Corporate Vision: The future vision of Elkford is one of a safe, healthy, vibrant, progressive and sustainable community in a wilderness environment. The community will have a stable and diversified economy, supported by citizens with a strong sense of community pride.

Corporate Mission: Through innovative leadership we provide opportunities for responsible growth, in harmony with industry and the environment. We take advantage of opportunities that enhance affordable community living and sustain the quality of life citizens, businesses and visitors expect.

While Elkford continues to have strong economic and social connection to the mining industry, a number of trends will have a pronounced and profound growth influence on Elkford's future:

  • modest expansion of community population with anticipated mine employment expansion,
  • significantly higher than provincial average income,
  • growth of the regional tourism industry, particularly Fernie,
  • anticipated long-term expansion of the local mining industry
  • exponential growth in mountain property and project investment originating most specifically from Calgary but also including Vancouver and North America.
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