Eastern Research Group, Inc.


ERG was founded in 1984 by President David Meyers and a small group of associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We grew steadily over the years, expanding our staff to more than 350 professionals while diversifying our consulting services. In 2010, ERG became part of the U.K.-based company AEA Technology, tripling our staff and enhancing our environmental and energy-related capabilities. But our priorities haven’t changed. People still come first.

ERG helps its clients identify and quantify sources of greenhouse gas emissions; understand the impacts, risks, and opportunities of climate change; and develop strategies to reduce emissions and mitigate impacts of operating in a carbon-constrained environment. For every sector of the economy, we conduct detailed assessments of the processes and practices that generate greenhouse gas emissions and identify opportunities for emission reductions.

ERG's engineers, scientists, economists, energy efficiency experts, communications specialists, and IT professionals help develop and implement local, state, national, and corporate-level climate change programs. We also provide tailored practical tools and cost-effective solutions to support greenhouse gas mitigation projects throughout the world.