Eastern Tallgrass Prairie & Big Rivers Landscape Conservation Cooperative


The Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) is dedicated to addressing the conservation challenges of a heavily agricultural landscape that stretches across the nation’s heartland from southwest Ohio westward across to parts of eastern Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska and northward into segments of Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota.

LCCs collectively form a national network of land, water, wildlife, and cultural resource managers, scientists, and interested public and private organizations—within the U.S. and across our international borders—that share a common need for scientific information in conservation.

The Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers LCC envisions a conservation community that while governed by their unique purposes and missions, collaborates on sustaining lands and waters that support natural and cultural resources and the services they provide. Our mission is to support and sustain this conservation community by facilitating communication, coordination and collaboration to bridge cutting-edge scientific research with natural resources management.

Adaptation Work:

The Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers LCC is part of a broad network of 22 LCCs that crosses state, international, and jurisdictional boundaries. These collaborative partnerships are vested in a conservation mission no single agency or natural resources organization can undertake alone.The LCC brings together key stakeholders to identify gaps in our current body of scientific knowledge, and, to build a solid foundation for natural resources managers to make on-the-ground conservation and management decisions today and in the future.

Phone Number: 812-334-4261 ext. 1211