Our mission is to provide leadership in building resilience against climate change for future generations by informing people and taking feasible actions for better ecosystem management and resource efficiency.


Ecofortitude has four programmes: 

1.     Ocean Programme

We make efforts on ecological restoration by placing vegetation (e.g., kelp, eelgrass and shell beds) which store CO2 and reduce acidity in oceans and local waters.

2.     Atmosphere Programme 

We contact central and local authorities and/or large farms for the installation of ‘CO2 removal machines, subsidies for solar panels and battery storages, creation of bicycle friendly environment (e.g., safe spaces for cycling and cycle parking facilities) and the increase of funding for research on renewable energy and the storage.

3.     Earth Programme

We motivate people to grow their own vegetables to lower their environmental footprints. We also contact the local authority to plant trees and set up moss walls in order to sink CO2 from the atmosphere.

4.     Plastics Programme 

We clean up plastic waste at seashore.

In addition to the programmes of the above, we provide updated digital news on environment globally. The Eco Times project:

Climate change Adaptation (CCA), Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), Capacity building,
Resilience and Vulnerability, Action Learning, Knowledge management

Adaptation Work:

Our actions focus not only to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) but also to remove it from the atmosphere and the oceans.