ESSA Technologies Ltd.


ESSA Technologies is an innovative Canadian company specializing in environmental consulting and decision support for clients across North America and the world.

Our mission is to bring together people, science and analytical tools to sustain healthy ecosystems and human communities.

The key to our success is a unique and rich combination of scientific expertise, advanced tools for systems analysis, and innovative communications techniques. We provide ideas, tools, and disciplinary expertise; our dedicated and knowledgeable team of scientists fills a niche in the consulting field — we work together in interdisciplinary teams with our clients, applying quantitative methods and qualitative concepts to resolve complex natural resource and environmental management problems.

ESSA has over 20 years experience working on various climate change issues. These projects have combined the development of technical tools to predict climate change impacts with participatory methods to develop local capacity for adaptation. Our toolbox of technical tools includes simulation and conceptual models to both assess the vulnerability of ecosystems and local communities to climate change impacts, and to explore alternative strategies for mitigation and adaptation. To harness human creativity and energy in adaptation, we use a variety of softer tools, including methods to raise awareness of climate change with the public, workshops to envision alternative futures, and approaches that integrate socio-economic concerns into explorations of climate change scenarios. We carefully craft the appropriate mix of technical and facilitation approaches to suit each problem, building on three decades of experience in systems analysis and capacity development.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most up-to-date climate research, information systems, tools and techniques. Our goal is to help our clients better understand how climate change will affect their sector, service, or livelihood, and what they can do to mitigate harmful impacts.

Our services include:

  • monitoring and evaluation for adaptation;
  • developing decision support tools;
  • conducting vulnerability assessments;
  • modeling future resource and climate scenarios;
  • modeling the effects of climate change on water resources and fish populations;
  • carbon accounting, and carbon-based models for the forestry sector;
  • participatory development of future scenarios;
  • participatory planning to help local communities adapt to environmental, social and economic impacts;
  • raising awareness of climate change;
  • knowledge mobilization and mainstreaming; and
  • risk assessment and risk management.
Adaptation work

For over 20 years ESSA has applied its knowledge of complex environmental and human systems to the multidisciplinary challenges of climate change and risk reduction. Although the unknowns are often pervasive, large, and unavoidable, ESSA applies innovative solutions to help clients deal with the related uncertainties.


Multilateral / Transboundary

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