Key-Log Economics


At Key-Log Economics, we believe that better (more efficient, more just, more sustainable) outcomes are attainable when complete information is available to, and is used by, environmental and economic decision-makers. We put solid, applied research into the hands of NGOs and other clients and help them craft and execute strategies to achieve their conservation goals. Our particular expertise is in land and resource policy analysis backed by GIS, statistical, and other quantitative and qualitative ecological-economics research that we package as technical reports, articles, presentations, and strategic communications for policy, scientific, and lay audiences. 

We are a 100% employee-owned, and majority women-owned, small business, and we are a learning organization that continually improves our craft so that we can help our clients be more effective in protecting the natural world.

Adaptation Work:

Ecosystem services are the benefits that humans derive from nature. Among the most highly valued ecosystem benefits are clean water, protection from flooding and other extreme events, aesthetics, and nature-based recreation.

These benefits are typically discounted or missed in environmental decision making and in underlying policies because their value is less visible than the prices of market goods like raw materials, energy, or land for development.
We make ecosystem service values visible, leveling the playing field with market values, and enabling stakeholders to connect the health of the natural world around them to the well- being of people and regional economies.

We have completed ecosystem service assessments in a variety of contexts. Our methods typically include mapping and quantifying ecosystem service flows in biophysical and/or monetary terms, as well as estimating how those flows could change due to changes in land use, land management, or environmental quality.