Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

Phone Number: 
4175 Hwy 511
K0G 1K0 Lanark , ON
Ontario CA


Water is a finite resource which is under increasing stress. Jurisdictions around the world have recognized that safeguarding our water resources requires an integrated management approach which addresses the linkages between watershed ecosystems the economy and society. The Mississippi River is not immune from this stress and Mississippi Valley Conservation (MVC) directs its efforts towards supporting an integrated approach to watershed management in cooperation with the eleven watershed municipalities and other stakeholders.


Conservation authorities are built on the commitment and support of member municipalities through their leadership on the Conservation Authority Board of Directors and within the municipalities at large. Due to the sensitivity of these water bodies, MVC employs a variety of programs designed to guide human activities in a manner which will minimize the risk to life and property from flooding and the long term and cumulative effects on the quality and availability of water needed to support recreation, tourism, hydro-generation and water supply.


Adaptation work: 

Working under the Conservation Authorities Act of Ontario, MVCA follows an integrated watershed management approach to balance human, environmental and economic needs:

  1. Issuing Waterfront Development Permits.
  2. Monitoring and Forecasting Water levels across 11 municipalities to better prepare families for spring floods and emergencies.
  3. Helping Protect Drinking Water.