New Ecology


New Ecology’s work is to bring the benefits of sustainable development to the community level, with a concerted emphasis on underserved populations.  A mission-driven non profit, we seek to address global environmental and equity issues by making the built environment more efficient, healthy, durable, and resilient.  We are nationally recognized for our work on affordable and multifamily housing, community and government buildings, educational facilities, renewable energy and local infrastructure and for the positive effect we have on the people who live and work in these places.

Our core work is to:

  • help design, build and operate high-performance buildings;
  • improve the performance of existing buildings;
  • develop and implement plans to enhance resiliency;
  • manage green ratings and certification processes, like LEED, Passive House and Energy Star;
  • secure utility rebates and identify financing options;
  • remotely monitor and optimize building operations;
  • diagnose and solve operational and building performance issues;
  • test and implement new approaches to sustainability, resiliency, healthy environments and energy efficiency.

Our preferred approach is to become part of the project team, providing our clients with the experience they need to identify and implement more sustainable practices. We are not merely advisors, we do the actual work of ensuring that the team’s green goals are designed effectively and built as designed. We routinely achieve the highest certification levels and qualify for the maximum incentives. Our work ranges from helping owners start on a path to greener practices all the way to working on cutting-edge, award winning projects.