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NOAA Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA)


NOAA has established 11 Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) to support research that addresses complex climate sensitive issues of concern to decision-makers and policy planners at a regional level. The RISA research team members are primarily based at universities though some of the team members are based at government research facilities, non-profit organizations or private sector entities. Traditionally the research has focused on the fisheries, water, wildfire, and agriculture sectors. The program also supports research into climate sensitive public health issues. Recently, coastal restoration has also become an important research focus for some of the teams.

RISA teams work closely with NOAA’s federal, state and local partners, and many will have strong connections with emerging federal initiatives such as the Department of Interior’s Climate Science Centers and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.


Projects Formerly Funded Through RISA