NRCan Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division


Understanding what climate change means for Canada requires addressing potential impacts and how we, as a country, can best adapt. Adaptation is a critical response to climate change and is complementary to mitigation (which aims to reduce the rate and magnitude of climate change). Adaptation will reduce our vulnerability to climate change and allow us to take advantage of potential opportunities.

Since 1998, Natural Resources Canada’s Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation Division has funded more than 300 impacts and adaptation research projects.

These projects emphasized local decision-maker participation to facilitate the uptake of new data and information on climate change impacts and adaptation. However, while these projects have done much to increase knowledge of both impacts and our ability to adapt to them, it is not feasible to conduct detailed research projects at every location in Canada for all issues of concern. Building on the research knowledge and experience, the Division recognizes the importance of acting now to effectively respond to climate-related risks and opportunities.