Ontario Center for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources


The Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR) at MIRARCO is dedicated to assisting communities and sectors adapt to climate change through the provision of climate science and adaptation tools. The Centre is also a resource hub for researchers and stakeholders searching for activities, events and resources on climate change impacts and adaptation.


  1. Within the Province of Ontario and beyond, OCCIAR’s aim is to effectively communicate the science of climate change (including current and future impacts); encourage the development and implementation of adaptation strategies in order to reduce climate vulnerability and increase resiliency; develop tools to assist with adaptation; and create and foster partnerships with stakeholder groups to advance adaptation.
  2. OCCIAR has extensive experience working with a broad range of organizations, including federal, provincial, and local governments, First Nations, professionals (e.g. engineers, planners and consultants), researchers, industries and community organizations. Working with this wide variety of stakeholders, OCCIAR develops and delivers climate change impacts and adaptation resources throughout the province. The Centre also strives to create new relationships with different agencies and institutions to facilitate and enhance adaptation planning through mainstreaming of climate change into decision-making processes.
  3. The OCCIAR webpage hosts pertinent and up-to-date information pertaining to climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation. If you are seeking to better understand how climate change will impact your community or sector, please contact OCCIAR. We can help you develop solutions to reduce the risks posed by future climate variability and climate change.
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