paleBLUEdot LLC


paleBLUEdot’s mission is to hasten the transition to a low carbon economy and to elevate the public discourse.  We work towards that mission as a provider of thoughtful and comprehensive Climate Change, carbon reduction, and sustainability assessments, action planning, and consulting to businesses and communities; carbon offset consulting and sourcing for businesses and individuals; and a trusted source of climate change and sustainability education and communication programs and content.

We see a future that is carbon neutral, truly sustainable, and that supports a higher quality of life for all.  We believe the challenges we face in making that transition are in fact, powerful opportunities to enhance livability, economic vitality, and equity.  We believe the time has come to make change personal, for individuals to understand the need for sustainability and clean energy, and for us as individuals to understand and engage in carbon reduction responsibly.

Adaptation Work:

In support of our mission and our over-arching climate action work, paleBLUEdot provides climate risk assessment and climate adaptation planning for businesses and communities.  For more information, visit:

Phone Number: 612-669-7056