Reef Resilience Network


The Reef Resilience Network connects marine managers with resources, experts, peers, and skill-building opportunities to improve restoration and accelerate conservation of coral reefs and reef fisheries around the world. The 1,500-member Network, coordinated by The Nature Conservancy, includes over 100 global experts in coral reefs, fisheries, climate change, communication, and more.

Our website features the latest information on key topics, easily searchable summaries of journal articles on resilience science, and case studies highlighting successful management strategies. Managers and experts around the world connect and share resources through online and in-person trainings and interactive webinars on “hot topics” in marine resource management. We also host the Network Forum, an online member-only discussion, where managers can share ideas, ask questions, and connect directly with experts.

To learn more and join the Reef Resilience Network, visit our website or contact us at


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