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Rooted in Resilience


Rooted in Resilience (formerly Bay Localize) inspires and supports community leaders in building equitable, resilient communities. We confront the challenges of climate instability, rising energy costs, and recession by boosting regional capacity to provide for everyone’s needs, sustainably and equitably. We achieve this by equipping local leaders with flexible tools, models, and policies that strengthen their communities.

Adaptation work: 

Empowering Communities, Growing Leaders

The time is now! Grassroots leaders like you are the key to neighborhoods thriving through economic downturn and climate change. We’re building on the momentum of the in-depth community workshops we facilitated in 2010, which reached over 270 participants. Participants included local government commissioners, community organizers, youth leaders, and green job trainees — we all have the potential to step up as grassroots leaders!

Community Resilience Toolkit

Bay Localize also recently released our Community Resilience Toolkit, a popular online resource currently used by community leaders in 46 of the 50 states and in 16 countries to strengthen their communities in the face of worsening climate change, rising food and energy prices, and lingering economic recession.

The Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI)

The Bay Area Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI) is creating a national model of resilience planning led by the communities most impacted by climate change and natural disasters for the benefit of all resident Our Vision for 2014-15:

Map Your Future Project

The Map Your Future Project trains youth to document efforts to prevent and prepare for the local impacts of climate change that also create job opportunities, and map them on online. The project captures the stories of what kind of investment and policy change it would take to ramp these efforts up to create even more jobs. Youth leverage this research process to explore job opportunities and build professional networks to build careers serving their community.


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