SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce


The SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce is a statewide advocacy organization with over 10,000 small business and entrepreneur supporters working to make state government more small business friendly. The Small Business Chamber is both non-partisan and non-profit.

Here are some of the successes of The S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce since it began in 2000:

  • Reducing the income tax on small business from 7% – 5% and now to 3%
  • Regulation of workers’ compensation rates to reduce premiums
  • Job tax credits for the first time for small businesses
  • $1000 tax credit for new Registered Apprentices
  • Opposing SCE&G electricity and gas increases at the S.C. Public Service Commission resulting in savings to residential and business customers of over $172 million since 2003
  • Opposing workers’ compensation proposed rate increases in the Administrative Law Court resulting in saving state businesses over $185 million on premiums since 2006