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Sierra Business Council


Sierra Business Council is a member-based organization of over 700 individuals and businesses who are committed to pioneering innovative solutions in the Sierra Nevada. We've been walking the talk since 1994. We are the Sierra Nevada’s sustainability organization and continue to demonstrate that vibrant communities, fair and prosperous economies, and healthy thriving ecosystems are not competing interests. When all three thrive, everyone wins.

In the Sierra Nevada, change and challenge create opportunities. Through innovation, integrity, and respect, the Sierra Business Council fosters and harnesses these opportunities by implementing and modeling proactive adaptation to a shifting environment, economy, and population. These measures will empower the Sierra Nevada to become the best place to raise a family, seek adventure, engage in community, grow a business, to learn, and find meaningful work – a place of hope and accomplishment. The region’s economy is diverse, inventive, and sustainable; the land is cherished, inspiriting and alive; the communities welcoming, open and engaging. It is a place where residents and visitors have the opportunity to improve their lives, renew their spirits, and prosper in health as well as wealth. It is the place so many of us seek – a place to call home.

We work in the program areas of economy, environment, community, and leadership. A list of our services in each of these program areas is as follows:


  • Downtown Improvements
  • Brownfield and Mill Site Redevelopment
  • Heritage Economy Projects
  • Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy


  • Conservation Planning
  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Ecosystem Service Markets
  • Carbon Footprint/Offset Projects
  • Agricultural Preservation Policy
  • Stewardship Contracting


  • Visual Preference Surveys
  • Land Use Policy Research, Analysis, and Process Design
  • General Plan Updates
  • Design Guidelines
  • Form-Based Codes


  • Fair Labor Practices
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Affordable Housing
  • Social Network Mapping
  • Educational Forums
  • Leadership Training
Adaptation work: 

Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership

Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) is a collaborative effort designed to support vibrant communities, a resilient environment & improve quality of life in the region. CAMP achieves this by empowering and convening Sierra leaders from government, business, academia, and community groups to share best practices; develop strategies for action; and leverage efforts and resources. Furthermore, CAMP aims to build connections with urban downstream users of Sierra ecosystem services to develop broader support for protection and enhancement of resources that are critical to the rest of the state.


  • communicate the value of our environment & resources
  • convene government, business, academia & community groups
  • empower Sierra leaders to share best practices
  • identify critical needs & strategies
  • leverage efforts/resources & funding
  • build & strengthen connections within the region & downstream cities

Sierra CAMP is housed at Sierra Business Council and governed by the Sierra CAMP Steering Committee. To learn more, visit, or contact Sierra CAMP Project Manager, Diana Madson at 916-288-7580.


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