Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program


The Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP) is a new, southern United States focused climate hazards preparedness program which aims to bridge the gap between climate science and local-level climate hazard planning processes.

Focusing on the six-state region of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi, SCIPP investigates major climate hazards of the region and actively engages community-level decision makers to:

  • determine hazard planning and climate data gaps,
  • collaboratively develop an all-hazards assessment tool, and
  • provide education and outreach.

The mission of SCIPP is to:

  • Increase the awareness of and preparedness for southern U.S. climate hazards for both present day and future climate conditions through improved local hazard mitigation planning;
  • Actively engage stakeholder groups to promote increased two-way knowledge transfer between climate scientists and decision-makers;
  • Provide local, state, and regional decision-makers with climate hazard data that is comprehensive, accurate, and easily accessible; and
  • Identify new, critical areas of applied climate research for the Southern U.S. as technologies, research, and knowledge evolves.