Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative (SRLCC)


The SRLCC is made up of federal, state, tribal and private agencies or organizations involved in the management of key natural resources such as water, animals and plants. The diverse makeup of the group promotes collaboration among members by developing shared conservation goals. The partnership works together to identify where and how to achieve larger and lasting conservation with a landscape scale impact.

The SRLCC facilitates delivery of applied science to inform resource management decisions that address climate change and other stressors such as drought. The LCC keeps an on-going dialog between scientists and resource managers to create a mechanism for informed conservation planning, effective conservation delivery and adaptive monitoring to evaluate the effects of management actions. The actions taken are broad in range and can include:

  • Identification of time sensitive science and management needs for natural and cultural resource conservation.
  • Set measurable biological objectives to guide conservation design and delivery.
  • Build landscape level data and analyses to support natural and cultural resource conservation and protection
  • Information that integrates climate modeling with ecological responses and management strategies.
  • Monitor habitat instabilities from invasive species threats and from native species range expansions.
  • Coordinated natural resource strategies for public outreach.
  • Design and evaluate short-term and long-term adaptation approaches


Science Projects support on-the-ground landscape conservation. We are committed to funding a wide range of projects for ecological research, information management, and strategic habitat conservation. 

The Green River Basin Landscape Conservation Design project (GRB LCD) is an opportunity to think, plan, and act across boundaries and jurisdictions to meet mutual goals for agreed upon conservation targets in the ecosystems of the Green River Basin. 

Colorado Plateau Landscape Conservation Project. A priority need for land management agencies within the Colorado Plateau ecoregion is the identification of watersheds with the highest potential for restoration. To meet this need, the Southern Rockies LCC and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have initiated a two-year project that will aid landscape conservation planning. 

Phone Number: (801) 524-3685