SwedBio is a development programme, that works to advance sustainable and equitable governance of biodiversity knowledge and policy. We engage in key global biodiversity processes in close collaboration with our network of partners.

SwedBio works to target biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. Biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation undermine people ́s rights to sustainable and equitable development, and those living in poverty are especially vulnerable. This is reinforced by inequalities, conflicts, unsustainable production and consumption, and climate change. Responses to such challenges often give insufficient consideration to human-and-nature relationships, resulting in knowledge gaps and leading to unsuitable policy and implementation.

Impact Pathways:

  • Dialogue for knowledge and policy pathway: In this pathway, SwedBio will advance policy agendas related to biodiversity, by enabling dialogue and co-production of knowledge across knowledge systems, including actors from indigenous peoples, local communities, policymakers, practitioners and scientists.
  • Collaborative partner implementation pathway: SwedBio will continue to work with strategically selected partner organisations to support the implementation of locally-driven sustainable and equitable solutions.

Areas of Work:

  • Climate Change
  • Agroecology
  • Small-Scale Fisheries
  • Urban Nature
  • Biocultural Diversity
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