Systems Change Lab


Systems Change Lab aims to spur action at the pace and scale needed to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges: limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F), halting loss of biodiversity and building a just and equitable economy. 

Our initiative tracks global progress for more than 70 transformational shifts across nearly every system, enabling users to compare current action against targets we need to reach by the end of this critical decade and by 2050 to protect people and the planet.

These shifts can accelerate the transitions required across all systems, but nearly all must happen concurrently — and rapidly. Put together, these shifts can transform the major systems that define humanity’s relationship with the natural world.

The platform is designed to provide the private sector, policymakers, philanthropies, investors, advocates and global leaders with insights to drive policy, investment and action. Decision-makers can use Systems Change Lab to understand the state of play across each system, determine which challenges require the greatest attention and discover which actions can accelerate change. 

Systems Change Lab has three functions: monitor progress made across each of the required shifts, unveil what constitutes and promotes systems change, and mobilize support to realize a more sustainable, equitable future.

  • Monitor: We track where change is accelerating or heading in the wrong direction — measuring progress across more than 70 necessary shifts. 
  • Learn and share: We produce analysis that identifies ingredients for transformational change, detail what is and isn’t working, and share lessons learned.
  • Nudge and campaign: We mobilize and equip partner organizations, messengers and coalitions to accelerate action where it is most needed.


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