Much has changed since UKCIP was established in 1997. Our understanding of climate science and possible climate impacts has advanced, as has our understanding of how society can adjust to these impacts.

—Today, our work focuses on 3 main categories:

—Our multi-disciplinary team includes expertise in climate adaptation and impacts, climate science, and vulnerability analysis, knowledge exchange, training and communication.

—UKCIP is based at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, enabling us to partner world-leading academics working on critical climate change issues. We were one of the first institutions in the world dedicated to understanding how we can adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Adaptation Work:

UKCIP has been a leading advocate of risk-based approaches to climate adaptation, which are now widely used around the world. The UKCIP Risk framework was one of first adaptation decision support tools, later refined and streamlined to create the UKCIP Adaptation Wizard.

UKCIP Adaptation Wizard

The UKCIP Adaptation Wizard is a tool to help your organisation adapt to climate change. It takes you through a 5-step process to help you assess your organisation’s vulnerability to current climate and future climate change. It also helps you to identify options to address your organisation’s key climate risks, and help you develop and implement a climate change adaptation strategy. The Wizard is also a guide to the information, tools and resources available from UKCIP that can be used to help organisations plan how to adapt.

Managing Adaptation

UKCIP’s Managing Adaptation guidance discusses the important issues you should take into account when moving from awareness to adaptation action. It is written for anyone tackling a risk-based assessment as part of an adaptation work programme, emphasising the importance of the scoping phase.

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