UN-Water coordinates the United Nations’ work on water and sanitation. There is no single United Nations Agency, Fund or Programme dedicated exclusively to water issues. In fact, over 30 United Nations organizations carry out water and sanitation programmes because these issues run through all of the United Nations’ main focus areas.  UN-Water is a ‘coordination mechanism’. It is comprised of United Nations entities (Members) and international organizations (Partners) working on water and sanitation issues. UN-Water’s role is to ensure that Members and Partners ‘deliver as one’ in response to water-related challenges.

What we do:

The overarching focus of our Members and Partners is to support UN Member States to sustainably manage water and sanitation issues. UN-Water has three lines of work:

  1. Informing policy processes and addressing emerging issues
  2. Supporting monitoring and reporting on water and sanitation
  3. Building knowledge and inspiring people to take action
Phone Number: +41 22 730 8636