U.S. FEMA Region X


Region X

Supporting the citizens and first responders of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington

What We Do

From our offices in Bothell, Washington, FEMA Region X (Ten) works with the emergency management agencies of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington to accomplish FEMA’s mission to:

Support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards.

The states served by FEMA Region X can experience a variety of hazards including earthquakes, wild fires, volcanic eruptions, landslides and tornados as well as weather emergencies like snow, ice, wind and heavy rain.

To help accomplish FEMA’s mission Region X maintains strong partnerships through its Regional Advisory Council  and Regional Interagency Steering Committee.

Constructed on the site of a decommissioned Nike missile site, the Bothell Federal Regional Center (FRC) is one of six similar operations centers built during the late 1960s. Total cost of design, construction, etc. was $1,860,000 (estimated cost of constructing a similar building in 1983 was over $25 million, and the cost today would easily exceed $40 million). The building itself is a subterranean office structure designed to be reasonably survivable in the event of foreseeable natural or man-made disasters.

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