UW Climate Impacts Group


The University of Washington Climate Impacts Group builds climate resilience by advancing understanding of climate risks & enabling science-based action to manage those risks. We are widely recognized for scientific discovery, as an experienced creator of impartial & actionable science and as a catalyst for building regional climate resilience.

The Climate Impacts Group is an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Washington composed of natural, physical and social scientists as well as communications and administrative professionals. We are a member organization of EarthLab and the host to two federal programs, the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center and the Northwest Climate Resilience Collaborative. 

The Climate Impacts Group helps people across the Northwest understand how the effects of climate change — including rising air temperatures, decreasing snowfall, rising sea levels and drier summers — stand to affect life in our region. We focus on co-producing knowledge that is both useful and used to help our region prepare for, and better cope with, the effects of a changing climate.

We support planners, natural resource managers, engineers, policymakers and community members across the region as they use science to build climate resilience. Our partners work in a variety of sectors and contexts, including government agencies, non-profit organizations and community groups. Our work is supported by organizational- and project-based gifts, grants and contracts from federal, state and local sources, private philanthropy and the state of Washington.

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