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Abigail Lynch

University Distinguished Fellow

Abigail's research interests focus on marine and freshwater fish conservation with a management focus on fisheries systems.  Her dissertation research funded by GLISA is looking at the impact of climate change on harvest management of Great Lakes lake whitefish.  Lake whitefish support the largest commercial fishery in the upper Great Lakes.  Climate change is expected to impact the value of this fishery because the success of recruitment to the fishery has been linked with climatic influences, including water temperature, wind speed, and ice cover.  The end goal of this research project is to design a decision-support tool to integrate lake whitefish science on a basin-wide scale and help decision makers coordinate lake whitefish conservation efforts and harvest strategies under varying climate regimes.


Sector Addressed: 

This research project will make a significant contribution to understanding the biology and production dynamics of the Great Lakes' Lake Whitefish fishery and improve the ability of Great Lakes fishery managers to adapt their behaviors and regulations to be responsive to the impacts of climate change.