Allie Goldstein
Road Tripper

We're two recent graduates from the University of Michigan’s master’s program in Environmental Policy traveling around the United States this summer to uncover examples of small towns and cities using their wits and resources to adapt to the impacts of climate change. An unstable climate has and will create many problems, but it also creates opportunities–opportunities to develop new energy technologies, to produce less waste, to create new business models, to forge new partnerships, and to come together in our communities.

Our road trip aims to use stories to bridge the gap between existing research on climate change adaptation planning and the often-overlooked, practical adaptive technologies already being used by people all over the country. Technology can be a physical tool that functions on its own, such as permeable pavement or drought-resistance crops or coastal protection structures. But it can also be more of a social process, like training community members as environmental leaders or rethinking land use.

We hope you’ll read the stories we find at (be sure to ‘join the trip’ via email) or follow us on Twitter @kirstenandallie. And if you have an idea for an adaptation story in your hometown, email us at We might just pay you a visit.

-- Allie Goldstein and Kirsten Howard


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