Alpha Ntayomba

Population and Development Initiative

I work as Program Manager for Tanzania Women Empowerment in Action (TAWEA) in the Kigoma region of Tanzania. TAWEA deals with advancing the socio-economic and human rights situation of women and youth by means of training, advocacy, and media engagement.

I also work closely with Tanzania Health Care and Environmental Conservation Organization (TAHECECO) and as a leader with the Population and Development Initiative (PDI). 

In 2018-2020: TAWEA conducted studies in: Land rights and human rights issues among local communities adjacent to protected areas in Kigoma; Mapping the socio-economic and human rights situation among small scale miners in Kigoma and Geita regions in Tanzania; Human rights issues facing limestone miners adjacent to Makere North Forest Reserve in the Kigoma region. The projects were supported by International Peace Information Service based in Antwerp, Belgium, and were part of the Voices from Tanzania series.

In these projects, we gained knowledge of small scale mining activities, child labor in mining activities, Gender participation in mining activities (ownership of pits), Climate change, which forced adjacent villagers to seek extra farming activities in forest reserves, poor relationship between villages and conservation authorities, the role of community conservation and incentives mechanism in boosting forest reserves management, human rights issues facing small scale miners working adjacent to forest reserves.