Arlene Hopkins

Educator & Architect

Arlene Hopkins is an educator and architect working to enhance urban resilience by developing community-based climate change and adaptation programs and projects.  Integrating across multiple-disciplines, she is translating science into pragmatic strategies that can be adopted and adaptively managed by neighborhoods and households, as well as by local public institutions such as schools, libraries, fire stations, parks and city halls.  She presented on Community-Based Solutions for Climate Change Disaster (Society for Applied Anthroplogiy 2013), Community-Based Ecological Restoration at the Urban Commons (Society of Ecological Restoration 2012).  Presently she is developing a replicable program framed by the planetary boundaries as proposed by the Stockholm Resilience Center and anchored within community with Ostroms's "commons" as a transformative model for communtiy social ecological systems.

She is a research-based practitioner, program and project manager working to advance wise ways and new traditions in commuunity.  She is a member of the Sustainable Cities Research Coordination Network and the Resilience Thematic Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  She holds a Master of Education and a Master of Architecture.  Her background also includes academic studies in home economics, education, land use planning, deisgn, real estate and evaluation.  She has been an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Virginia Tech and a K-12 classroom teacher in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Her public service includes election to Vice-Chair of the Santa Monica Planning Commission and Chair of the Santa Monica Neighborhood Council.  Her professional service included serving as Environmental Program Chair of the American Evaluation Association.