Barbara Dugelby

Coordinator, Native American and Pacific Islander Research Experience Program

Barbara Dugelby is a conservation and human ecologist. She has an MS in natural resource economics and policy and a PhD in tropical and human ecology from Duke University. She has more than twenty-five years of experience working in the US and internationally on multi-stakeholder, science-based conservation planning projects, including protected area design, management, and monitoring and community-driven natural resource policy and management. As The Nature Conservancy’s first Human Ecologist, Dr. Dugelby directed the Local People’s Program, managing the Conservancy's work with local and indigenous communities in sixty protected area sites throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Dr. Dugelby has conducted strategic planning, community-based research, and best practices assessments for multilateral development agencies, such as the United Nations Development Program and US Agency for International Development. During the last seven years, she has worked with Native American tribes in the US Southwest on documenting, mapping, and planning for the protection of cultural and natural resources across ancestral lands. Her most recent work focuses on assisting tribes with climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning. She has lived and worked in over twenty countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe, is fluent in Spanish and proficient in German. She currently lives in central Texas with her husband and two children.