Bruce Young
Director, Species Science

Bruce Young is the Director of Species Science at NatureServe, where he works to support biodiversity conservation throughout the Americas. He led the development the Climate Change Vulnerability Index, a widely-used means to rapidly assess the relative vulnerability to climate change of plants and animals in North America and the tropical Andes. He has contributed to publications on climate change vulnerability published by the Association for Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the National Wildlife Federation, the Chicago University Press, IAI-SCOPE, and Nature Climate Change. He has served as a trainer for the USFWS National Conservation Training Center courses on “Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment” and “Climate-Smart Conservation,” and has designed and taught a course on “Climate-Smart Conservation in the Tropical Andes” for conservation professionals in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. He has also led efforts to modify conservation strategies in Colombia oak forests to account for climate change. He currently serves as the Deputy Chair of the IUCN SSC Climate Change Specialist Group, and co-edited the recently released IUCN SSC Guidelines for Assessing Species' Vulnerability to Climate Change.


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