Eoin Doherty pursued a master’s degree in business administration to identify leading business concepts to promote ecosystem services while encouraging social and economic prosperity. Since business school, Eoin has developed several innovative climate change decision-support tools, including a roadmap for Tahoe Basin stakeholders to collaboratively and effectively reduce GHG emissions and increase the resiliency of natural systems. Eoin coordinated the collaboration amongst eight public and non-profit entities in the Tahoe Basin that resulted in the second highest rated Strategic Growth Council grant proposal in 2010 (out of 188 proposals). This will bring nearly $1 million to fund Tahoe Basin sustainability initiatives.

Eoin is currently leading a study to identify improvements to the transferable development rights program in the Tahoe Basin to effectively achieve defined environmental, social and economic objectives. Prior to attending the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley, Eoin used his broad information technology, business and organizational behavior knowledge to reengineer business processes, design software solutions, and lead cross-functional management teams to improve the profitability and competitive advantage of a dynamic fresh produce company.


Environmental Incentives, LLC was created to inspire conservation, innovation and investment by creating and unlocking opportunities to improve the environment and develop ecosystem services.  Environmental Incentives is firmly rooted in the belief that inspiring the energy and creativity of entrepreneurs and the financial power of investors can assist in quickly and effectively addressing today’s environmental challenges.