Janice Barnes, Phd, AIA, LEED AP, RELI AP

Founder, Climate Adaptation Partners

Climate Adaptation Partners (CAP) is a New York City-based woman-owned business founded to focus on collaborations in mitigation and adaptation programs with public and private sector organizations. CAP brings together technical experts and other organizational leaders as well as community voices for the purpose of advancing resilience in our policy and built environment. As Founder, Janice works with public and private clients to identify their risks and vulnerabilities and to meet their resilience goals. With nearly 30 years of design experience bridging practical applications with empirical research, Janice enables organizations to critically evaluate their possible adaptation pathways given current and expected exposures and link these to appropriate design and financing options. Her current work includes collaboration with the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Resilience as part of the team focused on the City’s Climate Adaptation Roadmap. She’s also working with the City of Charleston and the Charleston Medical District on their efforts to develop an adaptation roadmap tied to the latest vulnerability analyses performed by NEMAC/Fernleaf Interactive. In December 2020 she worked with the Resilience Building Coalition, a network of over 50 organizations in the design and building industry, to link the work of the Sustained Climate Assessment Network, or SCAN, to the design and investment decisions that these organizations are making.

As part of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine on the Resilient America Roundtable where she holds particular interests in Flooding, Extreme Heat and Managed Retreat, she hosted a session linking Environmental Impact Bonds and financing strategies for flood resilience along with collaborators, Quantified Ventures. She also recently served as Expert Reviewer with the Urban Land Institute on their work, Scorched, a critical assessment of extreme heat and development impacts. For New York City, she recently moderated a tiered panel at AIA NYC on extreme heat wherein United Nations, City, Private Sector and Community leaders shared their insights on how to best address heat across impact scales. Janice also worked with the City of Tel Aviv on ways to address extreme heat in one of its most vulnerable neighborhoods as part of the Rockefeller Foundation/Columbia University Resilience Accelerator.

As previous Director of Resilience at Waggonner & Ball, she led the Dutch Dialogues efforts in the Medical District for the City of Charleston in collaboration with the Historic Charleston Foundation and parallel efforts such as the USACE 3X3 Study and the City of Charleston Vulnerability Study. She also led the Phase 2 Resilient Hampton Newmarket Creek Pilot Study with City of Hampton, a project focused on Environmental Impact Bond funding in concert with traditional capital improvements funding. In her role with the City of New Orleans, she oversaw collaborations across eight unique HUD-funded grants in the Gentilly Resilience District as these contribute to the larger Gentilly Resilience District Vision Plan. Finally, she bridged the 100 Resilient Cities/Dutch Dialogues Houston team due to her prior work with the Rockefeller Foundation. As part of this effort, she led the team focused on Greenspoint, a critical junction linking north Houston, the international airport and multiple transportation and bayou adaptation projects. She also provided editorial support for the City in its resilience strategy development.

In prior years, Janice was the Global Director of Resilience for Perkins+Will’s then 24 offices. In that role, she worked extensively with the Rockefeller Foundation beginning with the National Disaster Resilience Competition, a HUD-sponsored, $1 Billion, effort to strengthen resilience in communities with federally-declared disasters. Working with the City of New Orleans, the State of California, the State of New York and the State of New Jersey among others, Janice guided teams through critical self-assessments to develop unique strategies that ultimately enabled them to secure significant funding. For the City of New Orleans this resulted in the ideation of a Resilience District, drawing from the frameworks for Health Districts that Perkins+Will previously developed. For New Jersey, this focused on a toolkit approach that would encourage multiple municipalities to begin greater adaptation planning. For California, the effort linked chronic wildfire exposure to the hydrological dependencies and watershed connections to population centers.

Janice has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, an M.S.in Architecture from the University of Michigan, an M. Arch from Tulane University, a B.A. from the University of Tennessee and certificates in Municipal Finance from the University of Chicago and in geographic information systems from the University of California Davis.